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Editado por Spawn: 6/22/2022 3:12:54 AM

Bungie, please replace A2B Fulfillment with a better provider

A2B Fulfillment is the order fulfilment service for items bought from the Bungie store. There are always delays in delivery, and we never get anything we order fast enough. I do understand that there is "manufacturing" time involved, but A2B is too slow once items are supposed to be ready to ship. Bungie, can you please end your contract with A2B fulfillment and replace them with someone like Amazon that is in the business of selling and delivering stuff? To give an example: I pre-ordered the steelseries mouse in February. I got an email on April 15 that the mouse has left the factory and is on its way to the distribution center. I got an email on May 25th that the item has been shipped with a tracking number. As of today, June 21, the carrier is still stating that they are waiting for the package from the shipper and I still have not received it. It took 40 days supposedly for A2B Fulfillment to create a shipping label, and after another 25 days (a total of 65 days) they still have not got the box with the mouse out of their warehouse. On the other hand, right now both Amazon and SteelSeries's websites are selling the destiny branded mouse directly with 2-day shipping. A pre-ordered item should arrive before when it is available elsewhere, and it probably would have if A2B Fulfillment was able to do the job. Can you please just use Amazon, etc that is purely in the business of selling and delivering physical products instead of the current vendor?

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