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Connectivity Issues

Hello, Earlier today my account recieved a restriction from matchmade crucible. The message alerting me to this only appeared after I attempted to load into a game of elimination, and did not offer any reason for the restriction or information about how long it would last. However, I am currently under the assumption that it is connection-based and will last two weeks. The issue is that my connection appears to be perfectly fine. I have NVIDIA Performance running in the background at all times and it did not alert me to any issues, and I have run countless internet speed/latency tests, as well as consistency tests which all suggets that my connection is both fast and stable (I have attached a screenshot of each [ ], but would happily provide a larger sample if that would be helpful). It should also be noted that my PC is fast, and has run Destiny 2 between 90 and 110 FPS all day (except one very brief moment were they fell to 86 FPS). This is the first time I have played in several days, and have not left any crucible matches (or any other activity for that matter) prematurely, nor have I been error coded or experienced lag (I mostly played with others, all of whom also say that they did not notice any lag from my end). As far as I am aware I have also never received any kind of warning about such a matter (except reminders not to leave competitive matches early after being error-coded, which is rare and has not happened for some time now). I am just wondering if there is any other explanation for why I could have been error coded, or if it is just connection based, whether there are additional steps I should take to prevent a repeat of this going forwards given that my WiFi connection seems to be perfectly fine. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, any advice is greatly appreciated :)

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