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6/18/2022 6:41:13 AM

Keep Farmable Raid Exotics

I'm mentioning this because I was running VoG for that Vex with a group earlier and someone mentioned that an upcoming update will remove the ability to farm the Raid Exotics during their weekly featured rotation. Don't do this. It's actually giving players a reason to play. Even those who get the exotic continue to play to help others. This also encourages more veteran players to help new players through their first Raids. Taking them from start-to-finish and then farming the final boss with them to help them get their exotic. Cycle repeats. Plus, it's actually fun. Playing with your clan or Discord group or even just a bunch of randoms. I've made, like, four more friends through doing this farm because we're all having fun and shooting the sh*t with each other. If you intend to remove farming raid exotics then you're only hurting your game again. Stop removing things that make it fun. It's a video game. It's not meant to be a second job. Let your players have fun.

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