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Editado por SpectralKinesis: 6/10/2022 1:54:42 AM

Glory's Claim Emblem not showing up in-game.

TL;DR, claimed Triumph "Tower's Finest" before the digital reward Glory's Claim Emblem was made available. Rewards shows "Reward Applied" for Glory's Claim emblem. Emblem not showing up in-game in collections. Longer story: Please see the imgur album for reference pics. I claimed the "Tower's Finest Triumph" when it became available in-game. I claimed the triumph before the Digital Reward "Exclusive Bungie Reward Emblem - Glory's Claim" was live at [url=]Digital Rewards |[/url] I may have claimed the Triumph on PC, when I usually play most of the time on XBOX. [b]example pic: "1 - tower's finest complete.jpg" in imgur album[/b] Once I saw the [url=]twitter post by BungieHelp[/url] I logged into Bungie Rewards on my phone and applied the reward. I checked bungie rewards today, and "Exclusive Bungie Reward Emblem - Glory's Claim" shows [ Reward Applied ] [b]example pic: "2 - glorys claim - reward applied.jpg" in imgur album[/b] The emblem isn't showing up in collections. It hasn't gone to the postmaster either. Is anyone else having this issue? Things that might be connected: 1.) I'm regularly prompted to re-authorize my account. [b]example pic "3 - repeat re-authorize account.jpg" in imgur album[/b]. I get the need for account security, but I don't think OAuth is supposed to be this aggressive with reauthorizing my account. 2.) I switch back and forth between PC and XBOX. When re-prompted to login to Bungie Rewards, I select "XBOX" from the interstitial screen, then logged in using my Microsoft account. My first play session after accepting the reward was on Steam. Could that make any difference?

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