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6/15/2022 9:22:40 PM

Give titan corresponding exotics on time pls

Can we start receiving our exotics corresponding to the content based on that season/expansion. Like when witch queen dropped hunters and warlocks got an exotic corresponding to the void 2.0 rework and another random subclass focused exotic which is fine, but titans got a solar exotic and a stasis exotic. As a titan main i would like to experience the new subclass with a new exotic that goes with that subclass. Same with the season of the haunted, warlocks got a solar exotic for solar 2.0 and so did hunter, so why did we get a void exotic that would have been really fun for the void expansion when everybody is going to be solely playing solar for the rework??? I just don't really get it from a design or game play standpoint. Feelsbadman.

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