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6/12/2022 5:33:26 AM

Fireteam Art!

My friends and I all got some art done! Let me know what you think and I'll pass it along :) From left to right: Throne-11; [quote]A Warlock determined to preserve his team, yet keeps a vengeful Void blade in hand at all times.[/quote] Wolf-17;[quote] A veteran Titan living among the Eliksni, hero of the city, champion of the Exiles.[/quote] Bel-14; [quote]A dedicated and noble Titan who seeks to defend his comerades above all else- often to his own risk. [/quote] Adevee; [quote]A hunter that will make jokes of almost every situation... but when it gets serious, he will be one of the most serious.[/quote] Quotes are from character's authors :) Art by

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