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6/8/2022 5:36:35 PM

Still Not Receiving Bungie Emails

A couple months ago I posted a topic I received no replies on about how I am not receiving any emails from Bungie regarding special offers or information on game play. This has been incredibly frustrating as I have had this problem since November of last year. The suggested solution in the [url=]5/12/2022 TWAB[/url] did not work. I have tried several times to use the method suggested and have also changed my linked email to no avail. Also, starting recently whenever I login to, I am now shown a message telling me I need to verify my email address to receive exclusive rewards and offers, and even after re-linking and re-verifying my emails the message still persists. I do not know if this issue can be resolved, or if it is still being looked into but I hope it can be. Not being able to receive bungie emails has been very disheartening, especially seeing everyone around me receive them without any issue.

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