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6/7/2022 10:36:20 AM

amanda prime loot issue

I have reconnected my account as instructed, but when I checked Amanda's reward area, there was still no reward. [url][/url] [url][/url] At the same time, when opening the reward page, the number of frames will be reduced from more than 100 to around 30, and the mouse will also have a selection/reading sound, but no reward is seen. Since withdrawing from the pit around the end of 2020, I have hardly missed Prime gaming’s rewards so far. After returning to the pit recently, it is a bit frustrating to find that the rewards have not been received as expected. If you need to submit more proofs, I will be happy to provide them, and I can also confidently investigate the background information of the account. Hopefully there is a solution so I can get the rewards so far. :(

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