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6/6/2022 2:10:46 AM

Glaives need hit registration fix, also shield energy fix

* Crucible and Gambit only * Glaive Targeting- For some reason glaives wont hit guardians(mainly hunters) even thought it looks like on my screen to hit them in the arms, legs or even head. It really feels like I need to be center mass when I shoot it just so it can hopefully land. Thankfully you get 4 shots with the glaive but its like 20% chance ill hit my target if they are moving and 67% if they dont. I'm my personal opinion i think speeding up the shot might help but it feels like it might be latency issues, I'm not totally sure whats going on when it comes to it missing. Glaive Shield- Sometimes but not to often, I will shoot the glaive get the hit or kill and will not get shield recharge or it will come 2-3 seconds later. Again this is where its a latency issue because in the kill feed it says I killed the target but it wont refund the shield. The video in the url shows it first hand, sorry I dont record my destiny 2 games to SAVE THE FRAMES lmao.

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