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6/2/2022 7:37:47 PM

Join The Fated Today !! :)

Are you in search of a friend or maybe a new group? Then I have the clan for You! (You can join our community even if you don’t want to join the clans) Welcome to The Fated! Here we strive to build a healthy gaming community in which we all want to accomplish a common goal. Whether it be completing a challenge or having a blast on another game, at The Fated we’re all about friendship building and pushing ourselves in strides to get better and help one another. We have an active discord community with multiple channels, whether it’s cracking jokes or finding a team in Destiny LFG, Fated Order/Chaos will have everything you’re looking for. We also have Sherpas ready to help you improve and we are always looking to bolster our ranks. We create friendly community events, host private matches and get into shenanigans in our PSN party chat or Discord Voice Channels. We look forward to welcoming you and let us show you de way! Requirements: 2 months activity rule in game and in discord Skill Test to enter Fated Order (None for Fated Chaos) 18+ unless an exception is made

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