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Editado por VagrantSoulZ: 5/28/2022 4:07:35 PM

Loading into the courtyard at the tower gets me a black screen

I'm playing on a PS4 pro - and sometimes loading into the courtyard at the tower takes me to a black screen. I'm able to open the inventory menu, but can't open the director. I have to restart the game each time. When I was able ot load in finally - there were only 3 people in the tower, and they were all headless. Today when the issue occurred, all I did before going to the tower was go to the HELM > check my inventory in the postbox > check the war table. I also get it after starting up the game. THere is sound playing in the background, and it seems as if I'm gaining rewards, and/or loading in but can't see anything. This doesn't occur if i load into the Annex at the tower. Any suggestions from actual bungie employees would be great! thanks

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