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5/27/2022 1:05:40 AM

Bungie store still not responding

Before a moderator says that "Bungie store is separate from this" I already know, Bungie store hasn't replied to my inquiry about receiving the wrong item and I have nowhere else to get info or help on this. I ordered a fatebreaker seal pin and received a deadeye seal pin that I didn't want to buy, didn't plan on buying and never wanted in game. I'm getting very agitated that it's been 3 -blam!- weeks and pushing 4 with no response on the issue, whenever I had an issue with an order they'd respond within a few days. I just want what I ordered not what they felt like sending. Cause it feels like they don't give a -blam!- whatsoever, has anyone had a similar issue and if so what happened?

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