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5/16/2022 7:42:16 PM

PvP for lesser skilled players like me lol!

Plz don't bash me for saying this. My PvP skills suck and I know it and I'm sorry, if any of you got matched with me lately. Due to some weps and things needing to be used in PvP type game play for like catalyst or whatever. I'm not sure how to say or out it, but played that don't take part in PvP much or at all, have other ways in maybe PvE that some catalyst can be achieved. Special weps that requires say raids or GM can be set for whatever, but like common or easier exotics set for grinding or a -blam!- ton of mins killed. If the wep kills fast like the Heir Apparent, then jack up the mob count. I'm trying to do the Hand Cannon that I have to use in PvP and it makes me just want to quit the game. There are personal issues that hinder me and it's not an excuse to do it this way, but it's very hard and frustrating for me. I only speak for myself here. Just asking and I'm sure I'll get blasted by someone for posting this. No I don't want everything in game easy, for the items I do have and paid for, I earned them, but if there is something, that affects others in if I am part of it, should not suffer. Me on your team, well just say that, I won't be to much help in PvP.

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