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5/17/2022 5:05:12 PM

Bungie Digital Rewards Not Working

I recently made a new account to play Destiny 2 on since my old account was banned by a hacker that stole it. The game gave me an in-game notice about Bungie Rewards that I was eligible for. I redeemed a few rewards and awaited the codes that would be sent to my verified email. After an hour, nothing came through. I am wondering if others have had this issue, how to fix the issue, or if I would need assistance from Bungie directly? Just to clarify again for context: - My Steam account I use to play Destiny 2 on is linked to my Bungie account. - My email is verified (although that was a hassle in of itself). - All of the digital rewards redeemed say the codes would be sent to my verified email. Any and all help would be appreciated!

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