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5/14/2022 8:19:36 PM

** How collections should work **

Collections in D2 have been nothing more than a glorified graveyard. The way collections work now serves zero purposes. Here's how I think collections should work. I'm using weapons for the sake of example but it should also apply to armor: 1 - You find a Funnelweb with the perks you want or like; 2 - The weapon should have an option saying "save this roll to collections"; 3 - The previously saved Funnelweb would be erased and replaced by this last one; 4 - It would stay available in collections with the last saved roll to be picked up; 5 - If eventually, you'd find a better Funnelweb you'd rinse and repeat the process; This way we could delete our better gear from the vault because we had the option to get it back as it was whenever we wanted, if meta changes, or if we needed anything different for any specific run. This is the only way I can see to make collections have any useful part in this game.

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