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5/10/2022 10:19:55 PM

Vex Mythoclast and VoG

As a Destiny 1 vet and fan, and now a player of Destiny 2, I'm disenchanted by the apparent abysmally low drop rate of the Vex Mythoclast. I will be real, I'm working and in grad school, and just finding the time to raid with my clan once a week is only doable maybe once or twice a month. I utilize LFG but more often than not it ends with me teaching the raid to new players, which again, is fine. However, the end all be all of this raid is the Vex Mythoclast. And from what I've found broswing the forums and reddit is that actually getting the Vex would be like scoring a 3080ti in 2020 at msrp. I don't know if Bungie thinks people will stop playing that raid if they get it (I don't VoG is one of my favorite raids) I plead you from your professional working audience, increase drop rate so I don't stroke out before I get this thing. Does anyone else think the drop rate should increase by like 1% for each clear?

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