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5/1/2022 11:27:45 PM

Getting from 1550 to 1560 is too much grind

Not every player manages to complete 1 raid a week. I play every week all the pinnacle activities and yet I am at 1555. The pinnacle drop is totally random and every time it gives the pinnacle piece that you already have at the highest light. Ex. I have Helmet at 1554 and I drop the pinnacle at 1553. Makes no sense. In this way it impossible to reach 1560 light. Thus I won’t be able to play GMs. And the artefact takes too long to level up. So one of the two (artefact - pinnacle system) has to be reviewed. Please don’t comment silly things just cause you play 24/7 and you are 1560+30 artefact cause Im talking about people that play 1 hour a day, not 20 a week. Just saying the game requires too much farming -> boring as hell-> people frustrated -> lower player base

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