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4/18/2022 5:55:31 PM
Greetings! In my experience, I've never seen a hash code change, only the contents that the hash code is representing (like if a weapon's perks change). The hash will stay the same and will point to the resource it represents and that content can be modified when the manifest updates. I have also seen some circumstances, like Nightfalls for example, where it is necessary for Bungie's team to create a whole new hash for a definition; the old one usually sticks around, just is no longer up-to-date. Here's an example of what I'm talking about near the end of my response: This is an [url=]old version of the Warden of Nothing Grandmaster activity[/url], and here is a [url=]new version[/url]. This change occurred when Witch Queen launched, on February 22nd, 2022. Both links are to a third-party site by the name of [url=]DestinySets[/url] which reads Bungie's API/Manifest for any content from definitions. The same developer, Josh Hunt, also runs [url=][/url] which shows the history along with any changes that were made to the manifest and its definitions, both sites I find very helpful.

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