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4/17/2022 8:26:29 AM

Would you support QOL update: poll

Yes, it’s a good compromise


No, I’d rather have new content


If the dev team took off one season to work on a quality of life update instead of an update that would drop new content, would you support it? Im talking about things like addressing some of those smaller (often also bigger) problems that when accumulated, have made our experience and enjoyment of the game deteriorate. Vault space (they have stated it’s one of the technically harder issues for them to repair), champion health bar glitches, champion stun glitches, enemy one-shot on normal content glitches, material caps, and other similar types of issues that bc they’re small, the focus still falls on the upcoming seasonal/expansion drop, would you be down? It means sacrificing receiving new content for a while, so the developing focus truly invests in just these fixes.
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