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Editado por DANTHEEMAN90: 4/7/2022 9:25:38 PM

Monsters vs Mechs Email

I don't recieve any marketing types of emails from Bungie even though I'm subscribed. I've changed my email and verified again also unticked and re-ticked the options on the settings page previously and again today(i receieve the emails no problems) I've checked and double checked and no emails are blocked so don't know why I don't receive them so must be something on your end. I currently have no way of being able to vote for Monsters vs Mechs which means I'm going to miss out on an emblem. I've tried contacting support Ticket:158083 and they've advised nothing they can do and to make a post here instead. Would appreciate someone checking my account and resending the email so i can vote. This post is my consent for you to be able to send these types of emails to me. Thanks

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