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4/7/2022 8:51:07 PM

I still am not receiving emails from Bungie

This is like the 5th post I've made here regarding this topic. I haven't gotten emails from Bungie, since the pre Forsaken era. I haven't received any of the statistic emails since the one right before Forsaken. I never got any of the recent ones including the Trials, Raid, Y4 in review, or the most recent one for the voting. I've tried all the fixes that Bungie has recommended and none of them have worked. I've swapped by emails back and forth (while waiting days and changing the email settings) and still have not gotten anything. I'm always super disappointed when I see all my friends getting these emails, and I just never seem to get them. I'm not sure what else I can do to try and fix this. I don't know if there is an issue with my account, or if my emails are just buggy, but I've ran out of things to try.

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