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Destiny 2

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4/7/2022 4:39:10 PM

Contacting Destiny 2 servers

You guys are ridiculous with your service of maintenance! It’s appalling. You suck money of millions of people, with your different patches, maintenance etc. we all pay good money to play this, now known as a pathetic excuse of a game. You guys make billions off people and yet you can’t even keep things running properly with the game. I get disconnected from the servers atleast 20 times a day and I’m running 500mbs, so it ain’t my internet, it’s your proxy fiddling. Ever heard the saying, don’t fix what isn’t broken. I’ve done nothing but pay money into this game, I’ve spent well over £4000 it’s now beyond a joke. You will no longer have my money or my time. I’ve deleted the game and moved over to warframe, atleast with them, they keep it up to date and maintained. Goodbye bungie, you can con ever other person but you ain’t conning this guy anymore. You can kiss my -blam!- goodbye…

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