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4/5/2022 11:12:56 AM

Gambit's Heavy Ammo Economy - Some Suggested Changes

I absolutely have loved Gambit in previous seasons, and feel that most of the changes in WQ are a significant improvement overall; however it's by no means perfect and one of the main issues as a big dampener on the mode right now is the heavy ammo economy. Mostly, the sheer availability of heavy ammo will trivialise most PvP and PvE aspects of the mode. [u]So far I've been mulling over multiple ideas, but the changes are meant to address these main problems specifically:[/u] - Heavy ammo being so readily and regularly available means that otherwise major aspects of the mode like minibosses, blockers and Invaders often lose most of their impact. - The sheer quantity of heavy ammo available means that there is no reason to worry about conservation, and thus little reason not to use it for add clear when there'll regularly be enough for the Primeval later. - Being able to easily max out reserves of heavy ammo means Invaders can often use power weapons as if it were their primary ammo weapon, which often isn't much fun for either side of the equation. - Exotic heavy weapons being as powerful as they are can exasperate these issues further. [u]So without further ado, the changes:[/u] - Heavy ammo is no longer granted from the end-of-wave crate. - The heavy ammo crate by the bank returns: each player can access it for heavy ammo, and it stays active for [b]30 seconds[/b] after one player opens it. Once expired, it goes onto a [b]2 minute[/b] cooldown before spawning again. - Picking up heavy ammo automatically reloads equipped power weapons, but heavy ammo carrying capacity is capped at one magazine*. (this works based off of base magazine size for the weapon: Clown Cartridge, Ambitious Assassin, Extended Mag/Appended Mag or Drop Mag all have no effect) - Not explicitly ammo economy, but related to the topic: Miniboss and major combatants have their health reduced by [b]20%[/b], as players will need to rely on special ammo weapons more to take them down. (Note: does not affect blockers) [i][u]*there are a few exceptions to this change:[/u] - Gjallarhorn is capped at [b]1 rocket[/b] [spoiler]since that one rocket is so effective against basically any target, and Pack Hunter's ability to buff other RLs[/spoiler] - Truth is capped at [b]2 rockets[/b] [spoiler]since 1 rocket wouldn't make it stand out much from legendary RLs, but 3 rockets would be overkill[/spoiler] - Whisper of the Worm is capped at [b]5 shots[/b] [spoiler]since it is competing for a similar niche to LFRs while having a smaller magazine, and has a strict exotic perk condition, this is to make it a little more consistently effective throughout the mode[/spoiler] - Heir Apparent is capped at [b]100 bullets[/b] [spoiler]since it has higher than average damage per shot compared to other 900rpm heavy machine guns, and to accommodate for it's otherwise monstrous magazine size[/spoiler] (Justifications for these exceptions are spoilered)[/i] While these are more extreme changes, I feel it is for the best of the gamemode's health to clamp down on heavy ammo reserves; hopefully to reduce invasions coming down to who can hit with their power weapon first, and also to increase the weighting of special and primary ammo weapons on a loadout's success in both the PvE and PvP components of the mode.

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