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4/4/2022 3:22:41 AM

70+ Master NF runs and can't get desired roll... D2 grind sucks

Just check the title... Silicon Neuroma has been the NF reward twice now this season and between the first week doing The Arms Dealer and now this Vile strike... I've completed it 70+ times on master and gotten a lot of rolls, but never the perk combo I wish for. This is absurd. @Bungie fix your loot system. I've wasted so much time chasing one roll, I'm half ready to quit this game altogether. It shouldn't be this hard/stupid. My suggestion still stands: make NF weapons roll with 2 selectable perks per slot cutting the grind time in half, or alternatively, my new suggestion, make ALL perks unlockable and then craftable. It just feels so bad wasting an entire week/weekend grinding for literally nothing. Some ascendant shards that's capped at 10 and I don't even need? Yay? 10,000 blue items to destroy? Cool, thanks.

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