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Editado por RealBoyBody: 3/26/2022 3:01:16 AM

[fixed]about the post /User/Search/GlobalName/{page}/

i use my apikey to post /User/Search/GlobalName/1/ with body {"displayNamePrefix":"black"} as object response.body tell me that :JsonDeserializationError There was an unexpected problem decoding the input data. and then i post body {"displayNamePrefix":"black"} as string error again : MissingPostBody Hey! If you're going to send us POST data, you should probably include a body. Thanks. Don't give me that eyebrow-raised look. i post body {"displayNamePrefix":"black"} as object and header add contentType('application/json;charset=UTF-8') but empty data : {"Response":{"searchResults":[],"page":0,"hasMore":false},"ErrorCode":1,"ThrottleSeconds":0,"ErrorStatus":"Success","Message":"Ok","MessageData":{}} but i use postman can get a list of users' info. [-] the "Search" mean eq() . not like(); the api is unuseful for me.
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