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Accusers of the Brethren! [2.5k] Guardians join us! Hello, Fellow Guardians! Are you looking for an extremely active community in Destiny 2? A community that provides helpful guidance through all activities in the game? A sherpa team that will escort you through and actually teach you all encounters and mechanics for dungeons and raids? A friendly group that will work with you around your availability as much as possible to get the activities that you need done for quests and bounties? If so, please give Accusers of the Brethren some consideration. Since joining this discord, I went from under 5 raid completions to well on my way to 100 in just a couple of seasons. The sherpas are extremely knowledgeable and have made me comfortable with raids to where I can now explain encounters if needed. If you’re struggling to get in to end game content like raids or dungeons we have plenty of people willing to help. There are eleven active clans presently, all active every day. All are welcome, regardless of time zone or platform. Since the integration of cross play, we've been able to help anyone at any time, no matter the situation. There are even channels for discussing things that are not Destiny related, just to ensure that we are engaged and getting to know each other better, although there is no requirement to participate in those. All we ask is that you play Destiny with us! If you need any assistance please dm Xerothin#9683 on discord 🙂 😁 1. Go to our Discord server by clicking the link above at the top 2. Get your Profile and Guardian setup done 3. You will be welcomed into one of our clans after applying on the clan application page once your setup is complete We are One, we are Power, we are Accusers of the brethren! Eyes up Guardians, and welcome to your new home!

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