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3/8/2022 2:49:22 PM

Glaives have problems and need help, especially in end game.

Just got the new raid glaive with surrounded, looks great, however surrounded only buffs the shot and not the melee. I’ve seen similar cases with rampage and swashbuckler and it’s pretty disappointing honestly. Glaives are already dwarfed by much more potent specials like fusions and slugs, especially Cartesian which sits on top as highest burst special in the game. Fusions also offer fantastic ad clear with reservoir. Glaives need a buff to be used in any endgame especially when mods go away. And it’s worse with the exotic Glaives since they are not worth the slot. Here is what I suggest: - Damage perks should work with the melee - the projectile needs a base damage buff especially since as a non hitscan it does less than hitscan weapons which is not acceptable. - exotic glaives need more damage and a mag increase to charge easily (ESPECIALLY the Hunter one as trinity is far better in all cases) - Titan glaive should apply buffs if bubble is equipped.

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