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3/9/2022 7:27:14 PM


[u] [b]WELCOME TO LEISURE FORCE[/b][/u] [b]Leisure Force[/b] is an XBOX Clan founded by husband-and-wife duo FLIGHTx12 (EXO Titan) and Jaybers8 (Human Warlock). This Clan has been around since Destiny 1 and usually has between 50-75 members. We have a good core of active players and are very consistent achieving Clan perks and levels. We are looking to add a few more active players to our ranks. WE USE DISCORD TO KEEP OUR CLAN LIVELY AND COMMUNITY BASED. IF YOU HAVE NO INTREST IN JOINING OUR DISCORD COMMUNITY PLEASE RECONSIDER APPLICATION. [u][b]Clan perks and guidelines:[/b][/u] • [b]Mic or no mic[/b] you can still join (Participating in crew raids will require mic in most cases) • We are all about fun and being comfortable. [b]You will not be asked or made to do anything that you do not want.[/b] • We keep it leisurely, but we also do not want a dead community. If you join, some level of community interaction is expected whether it’s in game help or Discord activity. [b]No Clan Engram farmers [/b] • [b]Burn out is important to us[/b] and is always taken into consideration. You will not get kicked for “inactivity” if you are playing at least twice a month. • We want to keep the crew small enough that you do not get lost in a sea of players but still have enough to play with. [b]We want to stay between 40-80 members[/b]. • We want to be a group that supports creativity and fun. If you are a streamer or an artist, we want to support and grow with you. If you have a [b]Twitter, Twitch, Tumbler, Instagram, YouTube channel[/b], etc. let us know in the Discord channel for follows. • [b]We are looking to add a few new admins[/b]. If you are good at recruiting or have some creative and fun Ideas for the clan then let us know you are interested. • [b]We play because we find Destiny to be a fun and interesting hobby[/b]. Criticism is cool but if you really hate Bungie or playing Destiny you need not apply. • [b]We are 18+. No creepers or harassers, [/b] you will get kicked. • [b] We are a Discord based clan. [/b] Once you request to join on Bnet, you will be sent an invite to the Discord. Drop a quick hello and you’re in! [u][b]How to join[/b][/u] • You can request to join on our clan profile: [url][/url] • You can also message FLIGHTx12 or Jaybers8 on Xbox for more information. [b] Hope to hear from you soon![/b]

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