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Editado por KannibalKlown: 3/5/2022 10:22:27 PM

Got an orbit screen saying new item for purchase

I got a message on my screen when I returned to orbit. It said something LIKE “there’s a new item available for you to purchase” But… I accidentally hit the close button before I really took in what it said. I don’t “see” anything particularly new or interesting on the store screen. And Xur didn’t have anything special that I noticed. Any idea what this was? I only recently unlocked the Forerunner sidearm not too long before I saw that. So I don’t know if that’s related. I haven’t run VOG yet so it’s not related to the Mythoclast. And the store reset was hours ago so I doubt it was just to let me know about the daily item. I unlocked the forerunner. Took it to cosmosdrome to try it out. Went to Grasp of Avarice solo and died. Went to orbit and saw the message. Edit. I checked. I can’t find a forerunner ornament there.

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