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2/28/2022 7:38:32 AM

Refined Qualichor Bug

So I had basically finished the quest to get refined qualichor, had it sitting in my inventory. However, I was playing in the Quagmire when I decided to randomly help some blueberries kill the Lucent Executioners again and I opened their chest, which dropped more more regular Qualichor. It ended up overriding my Refined Qualichor, and now Fynch will constantly blink and no liner progress any Qualichor now. So I can’t try and open the chest in the Queen’s Bailey, which I need, I can progress the Qualichor anymore and my Refined Qualichor was basically taken away from me. I’m not sure if there is anything I can do about it now except sit here and hope for Bungie Help to acknowledge the issue.

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