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2/25/2022 2:17:25 PM


That is the uri scheme that tells a link to open in the Destiny 2 companion app. First you have to get a link. Example: Then remove from the url and replace it with bungie: The end result will be bungie:/en/Forum/Topics/0/0/0/CompanionApp%20CompanionAppWeb When users click on that link on your website it will tell them an app wants to open. When they tap open the Destiny 2 companion app will open and take them to the Web forums home page. There’s not many places you’ll be able to use this unless you own a website and can easily use it. This also requires the end user to have the app installed or nothing will happen. Though I do believe it’s possible to write a script that checks to see if the app is installed or not. Then you could create a link that will either open in the browser or the app depending on whether or not the end user has the app installed or not. The end users browser may also effect this as I was only able to get it to work on chrome but not safari. Other browsers were not tested. To see this in action simply copy and paste bungie:/en/Forum/Topics/0/0/0/CompanionApp%20CompanionAppWeb then close out the app and open chrome and paste it in the address box. So the scheme is bungie:/ followed by what ever comes after .net/.

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