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2/23/2022 1:28:05 AM

[18+ NA] Avalon Raiders is recruiting! Come join a casual clan and gear up for the Witch Queen expansion! | Day-One Raid | Crucible | Trials | Gambit | Endgame Content | Training Raids | Clan Nights|

Come join Avalon Raiders! We're an 18+ NA server clan for all platforms with Crossplay! We're a casual clan, but we have a variety of endgame content that we like to tryhard for, including Day-One Raid completion, Trials runs, and more! We're looking for active players who would like to engage with other clan members and game content. We have a variety of channels in our discord for discussing lore spoilers, guardian fashion, and the state of the game. Clan members are required to be part of the discord to see announcements and to schedule activities. We do not use the Destiny 2 app for scheduling events and communication. Link to the discord here: Feel free to join the discord even if you're not a member of the Destiny 2 clan. We want to make a community of gamers where you can go to have fun, not just on Destiny! Minecraft, 7D2D, Halo, and many other games are welcome to be played in our server! If this sounds like a great place to you, join us at the Discord and send us a clan membership request at our clan link above! We look forward to seeing you star side, guardians!

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