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2/19/2022 5:26:14 AM

Every 6th bounty I buy from the app takes 2 minutes for some weird reason

I've been using the app to buy bounties daily since the day that the function was enabled. It has been working fine for the most pasrt. But starting this week, I noticed that every 6th bounty I buy takes a very long time. The icon circles around for 2 minutes before it registers that the bounty has been bought. When it is not the 6th bounty, it works fine as before. I have no idea what has changed to make this happen. It is annoying to wait 2 minutes to buy a single bounty and it is now taking a very long time to buy all my daily bounties for 3 characters. I can submit a screenshot of the notification logs (which shows every 6th bounty taking a very long time) if required. Thank you.

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