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2/18/2022 12:47:23 AM

My Collectors Edition is missing Mars Postcard...

My friend told me about an emblem he got from a code that came with his Collectors Edition. I asked him what it was on and he said it was on the Mars Postcard that came with it. I looked all through my Collectors edition box and could not find the Postcard at all. Checking the back of the box I see something called the Lenticular Reveal Card which I'm pretty sure is what he is talking about cause I didn't get the Reveal card with mine. I'm fine with not getting the card (unless it does something) but was pretty bummed out not receiving the emblem. I've tried contacting Bungie Store support since September about a different issue and had no luck, so I'm really worried I won't get help with this issue.... What do I do???

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