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2/4/2022 7:22:26 PM

Wrongful Ban - Looking for Clarification

If any Bungie staff ends up reading this, I'd really appreciate another look at my appeal or at least some kind of explanation, but if not, I'd appreciate if everyone just heard me out and anybody who's more knowledgeable than me can help me understand this. I am willing to accept that I may have done something wrong or against the terms of service, and it cost me an account that I've had since the launch of Destiny 2. Needless to say I'm more than a little heartbroken, as this game was and continues to be very special to me. But I have no idea what I was banned for and would like to understand (if anyone does know or have any ideas), I'm struggling to understand what I could have done wrong. I know for a fact I'm not a habitual leaver of any gamemode, and I've never been toxic, as I barely even interact with players outside of my clan. So I assume that my ban has something to do with the Anticheat software that's been put in place, but then I don't understand. I've never cheated at this game or even really looked into cheats for this game, but that is something I like to do with other games as well. So I'm wondering, can the anticheat software have determined that a program for something else is a red flag? Or other programs as well? And does the system not have any warnings in place for if you run a program that it considers to be suspicious? (And yes, I have accepted that if I left anything open that is an honest mistake on my part) but I'm wondering if that is indeed what could have gotten me banned, as right now I have no context, warnings or anything to base my decision making off of. I'd just like to either sort this out for if/when I get my old account back or if I ended up needing to start a new one, because I don't want to repeat whatever mistake I made in the past and would like to respect whatever Bungie's system deems to be so inexcusable that it banned me in the first place. Thank you.
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