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1/19/2022 2:12:08 AM

Starlight Ghost Shell Drop Rate Feels Lower Than Raid Exotics

I've been unable to finish off Cursebreaker for several months now due to the horrible drop rate of the Starlight ghost shell from the Ascendant Challenges. Several sources have said it ONLY drops from the weekly Ascendant Challenges, which I've been doing on all 3 for over 2 months now, and it STILL hasn't dropped. This is the only thing I need for Cursebreaker. BUNGIE, fix the horrible drop rate, or make it a potential drop from other sources, like Blind Well, the weekly missions, even a solo flawless Shattered Throne! SOMETHING! Just make the freaking thing DROP. I would gladly go solo flawless Shattered Throne just to get the thing, so I can finish off the title.

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