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publicado originalmente en: None receiving any emails or news from Bungie
1/17/2022 5:31:09 PM
[quote]Many players have reached out to us that they haven’t received any kind of email from us in a very long time. This could be caused for several different reasons, but the best way to start receiving our email again is to: - Go to your [url=] Profile Settings>Email and SMS[/url]. - Type in a new email (you can’t use your old one) and check off every box. Save the change. -- Note that some email domains, such as iCloud, may not work. - You should receive an email from us asking you to please verify your Destiny 2 account, with a link inside the email. - If you are signed into your account, you will be taken to a “Welcome to Bungie” page. -- If you’re not signed in, you will receive an error page, so you need to sign into first before clicking the link in your email. - This should verify your email address with our system. We are currently working to improve some of this experience so that you can see the verification in your profile settings. [/quote]

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