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11/23/2021 3:26:31 PM

Crimson is functionally it's predecessor, but not spiritually

I would like Red Death to make a comeback into the destiny 2 universe. While I understand Crimson does it's role as the healer weapon type, it doesn't serve the same versatility or ease of use as a true pulse rifle, or a hand cannon for that matter. The introduction of Red Death could be problematic, but I feel as though with some extra love and attention, it doesn't have to ship overpowered or absolutely busted. It can ship weak, and receive love as time goes on to get where it needs to go. Pulse rifles right now are decent, but not over powered, and I believe this would not break the game in any significant ways, outside of the usual usage that Crimson would see. I also feel that Crimson stems from a time period where many players were very vocal about returning exotics not taking up as much time and resources as newer items and content, but I feel that wave has passed and it's time to bring back some of these iconic instances of weapons, similar to how you guys are doing with Gjhallarhorn in the 30th anniversary pack. Thank you for the time, IIIBattle_ShippIII#5309

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