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Editado por Falker: 11/10/2021 5:21:07 AM

Come one come all. Those who wander the darkness beckon. Will you join?

Wanderers of the abyss[WOTA] PC / x-Box / PS We are a massively chill clan that is for the higher end missions & isn't going to force you to play every day of the week. [•]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[•] Still need help? Message one of the discord admins as they are all admins in the clan Main admin: Falker#7851 [•]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[•] Why you should join us; ⦿we're a chill group & we let anyone in that is above light level 1250. ⦿Weekly raids such as VOG and many others of the community's choice ⦿Already massive clan with great players. ⦿Simply send a request and we will most likely accept you within a day. ⦿We are a AUS clan but anyone that can speak English can join. ⦿If this is still up we are still looking for players ⦿We don't mind age unless it is a danger to others [•]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[•] Requirements; ⦿Be open to being a part of raids ⦿Join the discord ⦿Be mature as there may be mentions of NSFW content ⦿Above 1250 ⦿Decent internet ⦿You will be expected to use VC [•]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[•] Not sure? Just join the clan discord and join talk to the people that are a part of our small community to decide whether or not that you want to join our clan. [•]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[•] Clan link; Discord link;

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