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Editado por Usedfl3shlight: 11/4/2021 7:24:21 PM

Refund wanted

I paid $84 for the legendary edition I reached out to support told my tickets will be ignored after only sending one I am dissatisfied with Destiny 2 I got it for the PVE side I played ESO for years and love raids and pve I don't mind pvp but the fact you have to do pvp just to hit 1300 and above to run a pve raid is quite ridiculous I want my money back if you can't progress with pve and only off of pvp it's asinine terrible structure why should I keep playing if I want to get sweated on by someone sliding and only using shotguns I would have loaded up call of duty oh wait is that a sore spot I'm completely dissatisfied with the game and want a refund and on top of that I get only one season for $84 bucks what is wrong with that picture.

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