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Exiled clan (UK/US) High-End/ Endgame PvE clan (Xbox/PC/PSN)

Our clan Exiled is a PvE clan that focuses on endgame content. We are a group of friends that have experience in all the raids and dungeons etc. we may be a PvE clan but we do some PvP but not as heavy as PvE. we want to build our clan with people of our stats or those who want to get better. We are looking to fill up our roster of those interested in day 1, low mans, flawless raids etc. we have just about an even split of UK players and US players in our clan. We don’t consider ourselves super sweats but do like to challenge ourselves. We do have a discord that we use for everything it isn’t required but that’s where we plan everything. We have a mixture of Xbox and pc players within our clan. If you think you have similar skills to us we would like to have you. Comment down below or pm me or any admins if you’re interested. We do expect you to have knowledge of all current raids.

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