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10/3/2021 7:25:12 PM

Accessibility: Bad Eyes make the Ascendant Realm *Hurt*

I have really bad eyes, and my brain filters color weirdly, because of these issues when I play in the ascendant realm for more than a few moments my head starts to hurt a lot. Its usually only kind of an issue but this season especially its hurt my ability to interact with the game. High contrast areas like the Dreaming City and the Ascendant Plane really really strain my eyes. I fall off of maps in ascendant realms more than id like to admit, since i can never tell what is and is not floor, and .... it just hurts to look at. the bright white on black and the sameness between the floor and the skybox makes it. very very hard to contribute at all in maps i haven't memorized. I think maybe a filter that makes platforms stand out agajnst the skybox and dulls down the higher brightness stuff jn these areas will be beautiful. One somewhat notable example of a good is Europa, its one of my favorite locations and it barely hurts my eyes despite the bright white. I think its because it fades into other colors instead of just being blunt white to black. Anyway, The Ascendant plane hurts me and i would love to be able to play this season without taking such large headache breaks. Not to... sound rude. I really like this game but a lot of stuff hurts me.

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