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Editado por Seraphim Crypto: 9/19/2021 7:49:15 AM

What is happening exactly about the Bungie Store?

Suddenly I cannot make any purchase with my original bungie store account. It always said "card declined" and my card is 100% normal. I called the bank they said it was bungie store's problem. I had to registered new account and used exactly the same card, purchase could go through normally. Now all my accounts including the old one and the new one are constantly showing "card declined" and I literally cannot make any purchase on bungie store website. I reported the issue to customer service of bungistore since August. I reported it many times and I sent many emails as well. As so far, I haven't gotten EVEN A SINGLE email!!!!! What is happening about the bungie store????????????????? [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been updated with tags that are more appropriate. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic, for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]

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