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8/27/2021 4:48:10 PM

"Solo" or "Firewalled" mode for matchmade activities.

With the introduction of BattleEye I am sure that a lot of veteran players that have used a solo script to block all match making ports are going to be very cautious from here on out. Let me be clear: what I am talking about does not give the guardian an advantage over everyone else, nor is it used to make win trading easier. It is a simple tool that allows players to go into playlist strike, nightfalls, season activities, etc by themselves to test thier skills as a solo player and/or do bounties without interfering with others that actually want to finish the activity in a timely manner. It does not work with any pvp activity (gambit and crucible). I personally hate doing strikes just to have a blueberry run off to a lost sector or just free roam to get bounties done and not progress the strike. It is a waste of everyone's time. What I am asking for is a Bungie sanctioned "Solo" or "Firewalled" option for Playlist Strikes, Strikes, Nightfalls, Seasonal Activities, and pretty much everything except Gambit and Crucible. If memory serves we had an option years ago for the Verdant Forrest (I believe it was called Firewalled Verdant Forrest). So to any bungie employee that might read this: Can we get this QoL change or an assurance that we will not be banned for trying to be courteous to our fellow guardians?

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