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9/17/2021 4:14:12 PM

Corrupted needs to be changed along with other GM strikes

Strikes like corrupted came out before the introduction of difficulty scaling with champions involved along some other strikes in the game. It’s apparent that a lot of strikes aren’t made for ordeal difficulty because they just become raid content at this point. Strikes like inverted, lake or arms dealer hit that sweet spot because they all share something in common: the bosses aren’t bullet sponges or health gated and the strike experience is not long and agonising. There is a reason people hate corrupted, glassway, hollowed lair or even proving grounds: most of these GMs have VERY tanky bosses with health gates and some have CHAMPIONS that spawn during the fight. It’s a little over kill to have champions spawn while the bosses rail you and having huge health pools on top of that. A solution to these issues can literally be just to reduce the health of these harder bosses a small bit (especially if the boss is a toothpick like sedia) and/or re distribute the champions out of the boss fight (especially glassway and proving grounds) I already don’t have a problem with GMs. They can be quite easy some times too but it’s just not fun to do them for 40 minutes because the strike wasn’t made for it.

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