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8/19/2021 11:51:45 AM

The wepon we all want.

Hey guys! Im here to request from the devs if possible to make Icebreaker available once again!!! Everybody loves it, everybody wants it, everyone think its an amazing wepon, why not give it to us..... I use to have it on the console years ago.....i came back to the game on PC, back to stay...but i found out that it is no longer available......This has saddened me deeply as i was very happy to wield it once again!! It regens 2 bullets how bad is it to make it obtainable provides peace in mind while grinding as you do not have to search around the damn map for sniper ammo...i do not see a reason why not. Let your Destiny fans have fun and enjoy the game. I hope this post is considered, and we all look forward for an answer, hoping for a positive one. Thank you.

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