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7/11/2021 8:28:43 AM

Help finding one last Corrupted Egg

Hello, I am on the hunt for the last corrupted eggs for the Cursebreaker title. I am on 38 of 40. One of them I know is the egg after the morgeth fight, but the other is the elusive egg that I cannot figure out which one it is. Here is the problem I am facing, I have checked lowlidev, braytech, and D2Checklist. They all are telling me I am missing the egg just before the Shuro Chi fight. I know I have this egg, I remember getting it, and I recently went there and the egg isn't there. I don't know how else to find out which egg it is, or if it is a glitch and it is not crediting me for this egg. I would appreciate any help you all could give.

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