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7/8/2021 4:00:54 AM

Unable to claim Vault of Glass art print from Bungie Rewards

On July 5th, myself and a full fire team beat the new Vault of Glass. But now, the Bungie Rewards page is not letting me claim the reward for the art print. The game seemed to think we beat the Raid: - We defeated Atheon with no sync or dropout issues. - We stayed in the Raid for a few minutes. - I (accidentally!) bought another Corrective Measure from the terminal among the glass at the back of the room. - We successfully exited to the Tower or possibly to orbit and then the Tower. Either way, there were no issues exiting the Raid. - I even got the popup about redeeming the Bungie Reward for the art print. That's how I knew about it. I'm pretty sure my account is properly linked. I've redeemed other rewards in the past. I'm pretty sure my email is properly linked, as well. So, at this point, I'm not sure what else to do or what else to check. I probably won't be able to run the Raid again before the deadline. Please help. Hope shines brightest in the dark, and all that. :)

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