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7/2/2021 3:42:18 AM

Odd FPS drop when in a fireteam and looking at Roster

So, I had noticed something while playing Vault of Glass with my clan last week and have been checking on this since then in different activities/areas. There seems to be a very strange FPS drop that occurs when the following criteria are met: 1. There are 3 or more people including yourself in the fireteam. 2. You are on the Tower, in a Nightfall/strike, or in a Raid. 3. You have the in-game FPS counter enabled so you can view your FPS. 4. You go to the Roster menu When you do these together, you will see that your FPS will drop down and depending where you started it can between 5-15 frames on the counter. I am having FPS issues with my Nvidia 1080 (random drops down to around 39-42 fps from 60) at times, but that is a separate issue to this one. I've checked this with others who are not experiencing FPS issues on both AMD and Nvidia cards, and they see similar drops when doing the above steps and viewing the Roster. The amount of the drop varies, but in all cases it will drop an amount and bounce around that value by 5-10fps. One person I checked with was having the AMD fps issue previously, and that is mostly resolved after the latest driver update for that problem. But they still see this drop in the menu. This can be done in an area like a Raid before/after an encounter in an area with nothing happening and others in the fireteam standing still. So it doesn't seem to be an issue where the game is still rendering activity under the menu, but some oddity where in a fireteam on this particular menu it's losing frames. I only noticed this as I've been keeping an eye on things with my FPS issue and frame drops, and saw the counter sink when I went to the roster. This is different to the dip you seen when swapping menus before it returns to normal values, and thought I'd report it in.

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