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6/21/2021 4:13:31 PM

SUROS Regime catalyst not dropping

I've been playing a ton of Crucible this season, thanks in part to "Team Scorched" returning with Season of the Splicer, and I'm close to doing my 4th valor reset for the season because of how much Crucible I have been playing. That being said... the only 2 catalysts, that are earned primarily from the Crucible, are MIDA and SUROS. Now, I haven't done any "Glory" matches this season (thanks in part to the current meta) so I'm aware I'm not getting that anytime soon. However, the SUROS Regime catalyst has been evading me for a while now (Yes, I do have the weapon in my vault). I've heard that it's bad RNG and that "playing with clanmates" can help you get the catalyst quicker; but when I'm playing Crucible pretty much ever day, whether it be for bounties, Valor ranks or just getting some new rolls from weapon drops, and the Catalyst still isn't dropping... there's got to be something screwed up in the games code that is preventing it from dropping. If anyone knows what the drop rates are for this catalyst, then please let me know.

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